Makino Gets Involved

The LeBlond Foundation of Makino

The LeBlond Foundation of Makino is our way to financially support charities in communities in which we live or operate. We organized The LeBlond Foundation of Makino to be a good neighbor and to help other less fortunate or in need. To help the company meet these goals, the Foundation supports health, welfare, higher education, cultural, arts and civic organizations with special consideration given to organizations that employees actively participate in.

The Makino Volunteer Partnership

Established in 2012, the Makino Volunteer Partnership team (MVP) expands upon the financial giving of the LeBlond Foundation by personally serving our communities through volunteer efforts. Throughout the year there are many opportunities that are fun and easy to participate in individually, or as a team. MVP seeks to volunteer with organizations supported by the Foundation, but is always open to suggestions to further our reach!

Vision Statement
Serving our communities through Teamwork.

Mission Statement
Makino’s Volunteer Partnership will improve the communities in which we live by giving our time, talent, and financial resources while fostering a cooperative spirit with our co-workers.

People volunteer for a number of different reasons, a desire to learn new skills, have fun, and to make a difference. Makino encourages all of our employees to get involved in their communities in any way they can, be it financially or through volunteering.

Together we can make a difference!